How hard was it to produce German zeppelin pilots in World War One?

How hard was it to produce German zeppelin pilots in World War One?

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I would like to know how much time it took to train new zeppelin pilots, the cost to train them, if the airship pilots were normal airplane pilots, and the demand for them. Any help will be appreciated and if you could tell me where you got the answer to any of the questions that would be great.

Zeppelins didn't have pilots.

Flying a Zeppelin was a team effort. A typical R-class Zeppelin would have a cockpit crew of four: the elevator man, rudder man, navigator, and officer of the watch; additionally, each engine gondola would have a mechanic to operate the engines. All this was necessary because of the limited degree of automation available: increasing speed, for example, meant signaling the mechanics to open the throttles on the engines.

A Zeppelin operated much like a ship, and the process of training a crew was similar.


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