UNESCO condemns the destruction of Nimrud

UNESCO condemns the destruction of Nimrud

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The UNESCO cultural agency has made a firm condemnation of the destruction carried out by jihadists in Nimrud, one of the jewels of Assyria and considered one of the treasures discovered by archeology that had already been attacked by this terrorist organization.

Irina Bokova, UNESCO spokesperson, stated: “I condemn this insanity, acts of destruction accentuate the horror of the Islamic State«.

The Islamic State has shown different videos in which we can see activists destroying the ruins of Nimrud, a city founded in the 13th century BC, is one of the most famous archaeological sites and is often described as the cradle of civilization.

«With their hammers and explosives they are razing the place and erasing part of the history of the Iraqi people»Bokova has also declared and has also affirmed UNESCO's will to fight against this scourge, document what is happening so that those responsible can be brought to justice.

The United Nations Security Council issued in February a resolution to stop Islamic State funding from antiquities trafficking.

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