400-year-old Native American settlement found in Kansas

400-year-old Native American settlement found in Kansas

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An archaeological dig in Kansas has revealed evidence of a Native American settlement over 400 years ago, according to Wichita State University anthropology professor Don Blakeslee who is leading the excavation.

Researchers have found iron and lead bullets that are the same type as those used by the Spanish conquerors who explored the great plains in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Don blakeslee is convinced that these new findings confirm his theory that Arkansas City is where the city of Etzanoa used to be, inhabited by the ancestors of the Wichita Indians 400 years ago.

The excavation has included five archaeologists, half a dozen archeology students from the University of Wichita and volunteers.Gary McAdams, former chief of the Wichita tribe and Terri parton, current boss, attended Blakeslee's presentation in which the results of the excavations were presented.

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