Unexpected finds in a tomb in Luxor

Unexpected finds in a tomb in Luxor

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The father of Cleopatra VII gave his daughter an Egyptian temple that was discovered a few days ago by Polish archaeologists during the excavations in western Thebes, currently Luxor, in Egypt.

The discovery was made during excavations several meters deep of the tomb of an important personality from the Intermediate Period (2,000 BC) in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, that in the 6th century the place was used for host Christian hermits.

"Probably the monks who lived here were the ones who found the ruins near the palace and gave it a practical use, we are very happy to have discovered this unique place", declared Andrej Cwiek, head of the excavation and worker at Adam Mickiewicz University the Archaeological Museum of Poznan.

The excavations are being made possible thanks to permits provided by the Mediterranean Center for Archeology of the University of Warsaw. The most astonishing find has been that of a fragment of a hieroglyphic text painted in ink.

Not all signs are legible, but the name of Ptolemy can be clearly distinguished”Explained Dr. Cwiek. According to the researchers, the piece of cloth on which the hieroglyph was found was a veil, a curtain that covered a sacred image, maybe a statue representing a deity, near el-Medina, city of artists who worked in the construction of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, including that of Tutankhamen.

The veil probably belonged to Ptolemy XII who gave it to the gods. The pharaoh undoubtedly contributed to the splendor of the sanctuary”Cwiek adds.

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