Pompeii Basilica reopened to the public

Pompeii Basilica reopened to the public

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Tourists will be able to visit the Basilica of Pompeii again, after improvements to the building have been completed to increase its safety.

The improvements have focused on the plaster and the columns of the basilica, which were beginning to show cracks.

The walls and columns have been restored in their original form,as well as the entrances to the basilica.

The basilica is one of the must-see spots on any trip to the famous archaeological site.

Built in the second half of the 2nd century, the basilica was used for the administration of justice and for commercial negotiations.

The building was built on a rectangular plan with three corridors and a roof supported by several central columns and colonnades, the original decoration can still be seen today.

At the back of the basilica are the courts, which can be reached via wooden stairs.

Tourists will have access to the basilica only through the side entrance of the building.

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