Greek mythology: biography of Prometheus

Greek mythology: biography of Prometheus

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Prometheus was son of the Titan Iapetus and Climene, brother of Atlante, Menecio and Epimeteo.

They were all condemned for a sin of pride (Hibris punished), Atlantean condemned to support Heaven with his head and arms (or the column that supports and separates Heaven from Earth) Menecio was sent by Zeus to Erebus, Epimetheus transformed into a calamity for mankind by having accepted to Pandora Y, Prometheus, chained up and with an eagle eating his growing liver.

Married to Celeno, he had Deucalión, Lico and Chimereo.

Prometheus biography

Prometheus name comes etymologically from Pro, «before«; and of Metheus word of Doric origin that means «watch out«, Worry, restlessness.

Hence it arises that Prometheus is "the one who worries in advance" (Sophocles), "the forecaster»(Thucydides),“the prudent”(Aeschylus).

On the other hand, his brother Epimetheus etymologically means the opposite "the one who worries after”, Corroborated by the myth.

Prometheus he was a titan and according to mythology he was a creator or savior god of humanity, where he always worked so that men could live correctly on the path of spiritual evolution and fought with all his might so that man would become the most perfect of all the animals on earth, giving them the agency to worship the gods or completely ignore them.

He promised to stay neutral in the war between Titans and Olympians but, seeing that they would win, Zeus offered his help, for which he was received at Olympus.

Sent to earth for the purpose of creating a different being, created the human race in the image of the Gods.

At a banquet between the Olympians and men, he tried to deceive Zeus, so the latter, irritated decided not to give them the fire, which was what mortals needed to form a civilization.

After the gods had created all the animals, they commissioned Prometheus and Epimetheus who could distribute among themselves all the qualities that they should have in order for them to survive and Epimetheus took care of that, although Prometheus, when the time came, devoted himself to supervising their work.

Seeing that the man was naked and had no possible defense against the weather or natural weapons, Prometheus then, stole from Hephaestus or Helios (it depends on the version) the fire and the mechanical ability to give them to man.

But also, it gave them the opportunity to emit sounds and articulate words, being the only one among the animals to be able to honor the gods.

But men lived dispersed, so it was tried to bring them together to found cities, but lacking the art of coexistence, they always ended up arguing and dispersed, perishing sooner or later.

Deceived again Zeus commanded Pandora what unleashed evils on Earth, sent Hermes so that it attracts men towards mutual respect and justice, trying to make these values ​​the pillars of a better coexistence between all human beings and chained Prometheus in the Caucasus causing an eagle to gnaw at his liver during the day that grew back at night by being immortal (making a clear allegory of man's appetites)

But this suffering did not last long, because Hercules He ended up saving him from that exemplary punishment to later reconcile with Zeus and return to Olympus.

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