Poland believes it is on the verge of finding a missing Nazi gold-laden train after WWII

Poland believes it is on the verge of finding a missing Nazi gold-laden train after WWII

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In the Lower Silesia region of Poland, the local press has reported that a Polish and a German nationals have located a gold-laden German Nazi train that had supposedly disappeared at the end of WWII in a maze of tunnels built by the German army in the region.

The Polish and German who say they know the whereabouts of the train claim that they will only make the place known if they receive 10% of the treasure as a reward. Since then, a large number of treasure hunters from all corners of Europe have moved to the area to find the nazi train.

Polish Deputy Minister of Culture, Piotr Zuchowski, has confirmed the existence of the train after having observed images taken by a special radar used in a ground survey. “I am 99% sure of the train's existence, but its content has not been verified at the moment. It is about 100 meters long and it is an exceptional discovery, ”explained Zuchowski.

Zuchowski has explained that the huntsmen who claim to know the whereabouts of the train, discovered its location by drawing a map that a person made before dying. "This person said in a deathbed statement that the train was mined," declared Zuchowski.

Rumors have circulated in the region for decades that an armored Nazi train loaded with weapons and possibly also jewelery, gold, works of art and archival documents, disappeared between kilometers 61 and 65 of the route that connects Wroclaw with Waldbryzich , in Lower Silesia, a region of German territory that was annexed to Poland at the end of World War II.

Around Waldbryzich, the Nazis built a network of tunnels that were used to produce war material and protect it from the air attacks of the allies. The Polish authorities claim that a third of the tunnel network has been investigated and a part is open to the public.

If the Nazi train and the treasure inside were finally located, it is believed that can hold more than 300 tons of gold, the Polish state would become the owner of the treasure but the World Jewish Congress warned that any pieces of gold, jewelery or valuables found on the train were stolen by the Nazis from Polish Jews during the war and should be returned to their rightful owners or heirs.

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