Greek mythology: the myth of Europe

Greek mythology: the myth of Europe

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One day, Europe played with her friends on a beach, Zeus, the god of gods, saw her and quickly fell in love with her. Knowing that Europe might reject him despite being Zeus, decided to appear to him as a white bull with large horns and surrendered at the feet of Europe.

At first the girl was very scared, but little by little she gained confidence and began to caress the animal's back until at the end got on his back. Zeus, was aware of his opportunity and began to run on the waters at great speed, and Europa could only hold on not to fall into the sea and scream with all his might. She ran so much that she reached Crete and meanwhile the brothers and mother of Europe went out to search for her, but they did not find her.

Finally Zeus manages to unite with Europe and they had three children: Minos, Sarpedon and Radamantis and other scholars assure that she was also the mother of Carno, the lover of Dodon and Apollo.

Since Zeus could not be with his beloved all the time, rewarded her with three different gifts: a dog that always managed to catch its prey, a javelin that always hit the target that had been chosen and Talo, a bronze automaton whose mission was to guard the coasts of Crete when they disembarked.

Also, to prevent her from being left alone, allowed Europe to marry Asterion, who adopted the sons of Zeus. Such was the love that the god of gods had for Europe, that when it died he granted him divine honors and that bull into which Zeus became became part of a constellation.

Other versions ensure that Europa is the name of one of Ticio's daughters, who had a relationship with Poseidon and from whose union Eufemo came out. Other scholars assure that Europa was one of the Oceánides, daughters of Ocean and Tethys, or even that she was the daughter of Nile and also one of the various wives that Danaus had, although the most widespread is that of Zeus that we have told you in this entry.

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