They discover a megalithic monument 5 times bigger than Stonehenge

They discover a megalithic monument 5 times bigger than Stonehenge

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British archaeologists have discovered a hundred monoliths buried near the popular Stonehenge that could be the largest Neolithic monument in the UK.

Researchers from the University of Bradford have located 90 large, aligned stones, some as large as five meters, in a construction estimated to be five times larger than Stonehenge and less than three kilometers from it.

The Neolithic structure was arranged in a 'C' shape and bordered a valley. It is 4,500 years old and is believed to have been used for religious rites or solstice rituals.

Vince Gaffney, an expert archaeologist and one of the project leaders, claimed that the find was one of the greatest monuments in Europe and has been in view for 4,000 years.

"We believe it was a space for rituals of some kind," says Gaffney, who also added that it was a setting to impress and impose and to convey an idea of ​​authority to the living and the dead.

The remains remained hidden despite being very close to the famous Stonehenge and have been tracked with state-of-the-art radars, which has created a underground map of the area.

Researchers think the formation could have been erected by the same people who erected Stonehenge, but even so, they do not consider that there is a direct relationship between both constructions.

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