The Meadows Museum exhibits 130 works from the Casa de Alba collection

The Meadows Museum exhibits 130 works from the Casa de Alba collection

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The rooms of the Meadows Museum from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas (United States), specialized in Spanish art, hosts the exhibition ‘Treasures of the House of Alba, 500 years of art and collecting‘Until next January 3, 2016. Some of the authors that are gathered in this exhibition are Goya, Rubens or Willem de Pannemarker. Most of the works exhibited in this exhibition had not been exhibited to the public, or had only been seen in Spain, such as some manuscripts by Christopher Columbus.

The exhibition is one of the most remarkable events with which the museum celebrates its 50th anniversary. In the 1950s, Meadows traveled to Spain to drill for oil. The mission to find black gold in Spain was not very successful but Meadows had the opportunity to discover the Prado Museum and was fascinated by its works and decided to start a collection of works by Spanish authors.

When he collected a few works of art, he decided to found a museum in Texas, when his wife passed away, Meadows decided to bequeath his collection to Southern Methodist University. The magnate accumulated works of great value by Goya, Velázquez or El Greco.

The Duke of Alba himself, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, was showing some of the House of Alba's possessions at the Meadows Museum last Thursday. «The priority is to put things in order and maintain the legacy that has come down to me. Keeping what I have is not going to be an easy task, because I cannot do in eight months of work what has not been done in 10 years«, The duke explained at the inauguration.

The exhibition will return to Spain after having been in Tennessee. The Duke of Alba has explained that it is not easy to maintain the patrimony of the noble house, that the collection grows it considers it as something distant. "Although I would love to be able to buy new construction, I have enough to keep what Casa de Alba owns."

Fernando Checa, ex-director of the Prado Museum, has been the organizer of this exhibition on collecting and patronage by the Alba family.

Columbus letters.

The archive of Christopher Columbus in the Casa de Alba houses 21 documents Among which are nine personal letters and four documents written during his travels and also the first map of the New World drawn by Columbus himself during his first voyage in the Atlantic.

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