Byzantine church discovered near Jerusalem

Byzantine church discovered near Jerusalem

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Archaeological excavations near the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway 1, at the entrance to Abu Gosh, They have brought to light a Byzantine church. Excavations have been carried out while renovation works were being carried out on the highway to modernize and widen it between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

During the last season of excavations, a church measuring about 16 meters in length was discovered. The church includes a chapel 6.5 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, with a white mosaic on the floor. Scattered red plasters have been found among the rubble, showing that the walls of the building were decorated with frescoes.

In the western part of the church there were rooms and they were probably used as a house and as a warehouse. Excavations have shown different finds that demonstrate the intense activity of the place, including lamps, coins and marble fragments.

Pablo Betzer of the Israeli Antiquities Authority in the Judah archaeological district has stated: «The findings have been documented and we will study them. An agreement has been reached with the National Highway Company to preserve the excavation site for future generations.«.

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