Native American ancestors may have come from Kazakhstan

Native American ancestors may have come from Kazakhstan

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A team of Russian archaeologists has discovered in Siberia, a tomb with a large number of remains of a noble woman who belonged to the Okunev culture, which inhabited the region in the first half of the second millennium BC.

This site was found intact, and various objects have been found in it, including an incense burner with solar symbols, 1,500 pearls from the woman's dress and 100 pendants made with animal teeth.

These findings certify that women occupied a high position within society and that he belonged to the nobility.

In addition, the remains of a child were found, which sheds much more light on this ancient town that has been characterized by its great wealth and enormous artistic abilities.

The Okunev culture inhabited southern Siberia and Mongolia during the Bronze Age, and it is believed that their ancestors were those who populated North America after crossing the Bering Strait approximately 12,600 years ago.

But in addition to these findings, archaeologists made another that builds a new hypothesis, finding a stone slab with the image of a rectangular and elongated bull, which is not typical of Siberia but of present-day Kazakhstan, which leads to believe that the North American natives did not originally come from southern Siberia, but from this other land.

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