VI Alhambra Archeology Seminar: The Oretania in Iberian times

VI Alhambra Archeology Seminar: The Oretania in Iberian times

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Next weekend (October 28 and 29) will be held in Alhambra, Ciudad Real, the VI Alhambra Archeology Seminar: The Oretania in Iberian times.

It will be at the "Ciudad de Laminium" Cultural Center and will have a registration fee of € 15 for non-members, and € 8 for members. The registration period is until October 26 and places are limited.

Saturday October 28

9:00 a.m.. - Reception and accreditation of attendees.
10:00 h. - Inauguration and start of the Seminar. Speakers: Francisco Gómez (President of the Alhambra Tierra Roja Association) and Enrique Jiménez Villalta (Head of the culture service of the Provincial Directorate of the JCCM).
10:30 h. - Conference: "The production landscape in northern Oretania: new contributions". David Rodríguez González, UCLM Professor, Co-Director of the Alarcos oretan field, Ciudad Real.
11:30 a.m. - Break.
12:00 h. - Lecture: "Ritual practices in Oretan sanctuaries: an approach from the votive image". By Carmen Rueda Galán, UJA Professor, Researcher at the Andalusian Center for Iberian Archeology.
13:00 h. - Communication: «Iberian ceramics oretanas: productions, forms and uses». By Lucía Soria Combadiera, Archaeologist, Professor UCLM.
2:00 p.m. - Lunch at Casa Melilla, free for speakers and attendees.
16:30 h. - Visit to the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Alhambra.
17:30 h. - Conference: "Territory and political processes in Oretania", by Arturo Ruiz Rodríguez, UJA Professor, Director of the Andalusian Center for Iberian Archeology.
18:30 h. - Communication: «A review of the sculptures of the Iberian-Roman necropolis of Alhambra, by Carmen García Bueno and Macarena Fernández Rodríguez (Archaeologists).

Sunday October 29

10:00 h. - Conference: «From the oppidum to the plain. Iberian culture in the South Plateau: El Cerro de las Cabezas ”, by Tomás Torres González and Domingo Fernández Maroto, Archaeologists and co-directors of the oretan site of Cerro de las Cabezas, Valdepeñas.
11:00 h. - Break.
11:30 a.m. - Conference: "Study of the Oretan necropolis: rites and beliefs", by Mari Paz García-Gelabert Pérez, Archaeologist, UV Professor.
12:30 h. Closing of the Seminar and delivery of diplomas to the attendees.
13:00 h. - Wine of honor.

For more information, contact:

Paco: [email protected]
Eusebius: [email protected]
Luis Angel: [email protected]

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