The hypothetical future supercontinent Novopangea

The hypothetical future supercontinent Novopangea

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The future supercontinent Novopangea is a hypothetical supercontinent devised by Roy Livermore in the late 1990s, which will emerge after the closure of the Pacific Ocean, which will cause the merger of Eurasia with North America.

In addition, Australia would dock with East Asia and Antarctica would be pushed north, while Africa would fully merge with southern Europe.

This theory is inspired by that of Amasia postulated by Hartnady, only in the case of Novopangea, Livermore has admitted that it adds a new rift between the Indian Ocean and the North Atlantic, so its projection opens a small ocean there.

Other suggested future supercontinents

Other suggested supercontinents besides Novopangea are Pangea Ultima or Pangea Proxima Y Amasia.

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