2,000-year-old liquor found in grave in China

2,000-year-old liquor found in grave in China

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A team of archaeologists has found a 2000 year old liquor in a Qin dynasty tomb in Shaanxi province, western China.

The liquor was inside a bronze bottle which was used for different worship rituals.

Others 260 objects They were unearthed in the cemetery where this tomb is housed, and most of them were relics used for these rituals.

Xu Weihong, a researcher at the Provincial Archaeological Institute, explained that they found about 300 ml of liquor in the container, which had its opening sealed with natural fibers.

The liquor is transparent although it pulls towards the milky white, and it is believed that it was made through fermentation techniques being composed of substances with glutamic acid, although more studies are still needed to fully understand what the liquid is.

In the tomb a 60 cm long bronze sword, which is worn out by its use in some war.

Another important finding is a 14 cm long turtle shell with a dozen bumps inside and burn marks on the edge, so researchers believe it was used for divination by an ancient soothsayer.

Through the study of these relics, researchers seek reconstruct the image of the life of the capital of the first empire of China.


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